Speed. Efficiency. Impact.

INSIGHTOVATION® delivers functional marketing productivity and leadership coaching for marketing teams and product management.

Service Portfolio – Three Platforms:

  1. Marketing strategy development
  2. Professional development – leadership and productivity
  3. Special engagements – temporary project implementation

INSIGHTOVATION® uses a custom assessment and leadership coaching model for client-specific focus and outcomes.

Our engagements are specific to marketing leadership development, marketing team building, product management, new product development, NPD process training, product line strategy, and roadmapping.

Ideal for marketing managers and teams responsible for strategy and results, managing one or all of three types of product categories, platforms and portfolios:

  1. Products in concept ~ the front end of product development and innovation
  2. Products in development ~ NPD resourcing for speed, efficiency, and impact
  3. Products in the market ~ lifecycle, platform, and portfolio management

Specializing in consumer goods, consumer durables, and food and beverages.

Contact Karen Dworaczyk +01-585-820-7761 for more information.

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